Tipping trailer

The tipping trailer is hot galvanized and equipped with foldable spreader flaps. This small trailer, which should be called large, is perfect when it comes to working in parks, gardens, areas with bad bearing and animal feeding. The wide wheels and the flexibility of the trailer minimise damage to the ground. The rear mounted winch is used for tipping.


Width: 130 cm, length: 304 cm, height: 140 cm, internal flatbed, 122×200 cm, volume 980 L, tipping angle: 55 degrees, weight: 190 kg, max load: 900 kg, wheels 22×11.00-8 4 bearings, air pressure: 0.8 kg, adjustable axis: 20 cm

Art.no: 103
RRP: 38 745:- (30 996:- w/o VAT)